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In March 2011, CountryReports provided a QR Code for access to CountryReports using a bar code scanner or smart phone.  In July 2011, we launched a Countries Widget which allowed one to select a country profile from outside the CountryReports web site.  Now, CountryReports is pleased to provide additional tools that make access easy.

Our new Search Widget allows content to be searched remotely without  the need to actually visit CountryReports.  Simply, insert code into your site and begin searching CountryReports!   Below is an example search widget:

CountryReports Search Widget

In addition, we are providing custom URL’s that will automatically log students into CountryReports.  This tool is found within the “Manage your Membership” page which is accessible to account admins.   Simply use the embedded URL  provided by the student access portion of the admin page.  This tool is great for students which are logging into a secure school web site from home and need access to resources purchased by the school.

The QR code, search widget and countries widgets all can be found on the “Get Your Widget” page.  Find the tool that works best for you and enjoy access made easy!

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