Customer satisfaction is key to any business relationship.  At CountryReports, our products and services are developed primarily from the feedback we receive.  In other words, the content you see within CountryReports has been derived from the user feedback we have received over the years.  We recently conducted our annual customer satisfaction survey and will now share some results.

Overall members are quite satisfied with CountryReports and feel their subscription is a very good value.  100% of elementary, middle and high school members are somewhat likely or very likely to recommend CountryReports to their peers or colleagues, with 89% being very likely.  Only 2% of customers were somewhat unlikely to refer a peer and no member indicated that they were very unlikely to refer someone.

Over 90% of members are somewhat or very likely to renew their subscription.  Even though the CountryReports online database contains over 35,000 pages of content on countries, the one thing respondents wanted more than anything else was more content.    The world is a big place, but you can never have enough information about it.  We will continue to add new content as we too cannot get enough “of it” ourselves!

High schools were the most satisfied with 83% being very satisfied, followed closely by elementary schools and middle schools.  Not a single customer gave CountryReports a dissatisfied rating.  The number one reason why a member elected to not renew was due to budget constraints.  We recognize that these are difficult economic times and thus elected to freeze our prices again during 2011.  A single school can still obtain access to all our products for under $150 making it among the most reasonably priced educational resource on the Internet.

We appreciate the 100 plus members that took the time to give feedback.