Sometimes it is nice to hear that your product is helping students.  Here is a comment from a new elementary school that used CountryReports for the first time today:

“I have now used Country Reports with our Third Grade and it was wonderful!  They were thrilled.  One student was upset that our class time was over.  He wanted to stay because the work was so fun.  Rarely have I had that reaction from students to a database.

Thank you for designing a database that teaches and excites.  And for a modest subscription price!  I am sold.”–  an Elementary School Media Center

People often ask what grade level is CountryReports made for.  We have strived to make it applicable to K-12 students.  Our school customer base is broken down in thirds, with about 1/3 from high schools, 1/3 from middle schools and the latter third from elementary schools which demonstrates the contents usefulness across the school spectrum of grades.